Counting Shakespeare - explanatory notes

Notes to the Counting Shakespeare page.

Play counts

In short: columns CM and LM are the important ones.

In more detail: the columns are:
CMNumber of characters per SRS Shakespeare (aka Moby Shakespeare), ie. this site.
CPNumber of characters derived from this page on the PlayShakespeare website.
difCP minus CM. See below.
LMNumber of lines per SRS Shakespeare as above.
LPNumber of lines derived from PlayShakespeare as above.
ratLM divided by LP. See below.

Two cases where the SRS and PS character counts agree but are made up differently:

Character counts

Speaking together. In plays where two characters speak together, the “speaking together” line and word totals are the totals of the numbers above for each character.
Thus in Antony and Cleopatra when Octavius Caesar, Mark Antony and Lepidus say together “That’s our offer” that will have added one line and three words to the counts of each of these characters.
The totals in the line below (the “n characters” line) have counted this speech once. The percentage figure is the ratio of the two word counts.

Index of plays

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