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Separate CSS   By default the “Open the text” and “Download the text” buttons supply files with CSS embeded. If you want to change the style, tick this box and supply a modified version of shakmob.css. That file contains instructions for one change you might wish to make: suppressing the Act.Scene.Line numbers against each speech.

Note that Kindle appears to demand embeded CSS. If you want different formatting there, download the text, make the changes and email to Kindle yourself.

Line and speech counts are added to the text - rarely used
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Kindle   Before you can send stuff to Kindle you must log in to your Amazon account and find your way to “Manage Your Content and Devices” / “Settings”. On this page find “Personal Document Settings” and within that “Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings”. Make a note of the email address for your Kindle - this is the address you must enter in the box above.
Vital   A little lower in the same page you will see “Approved Personal Document E-mail List”. It is vital that you add to this list .
Multiple   This facility only supports one email address at a time. If you wish to send to more than one of your Kindles, try sending to the oldest one. You may well find that the document has become visible to your other Kindles.
Otherwise find your way to “Manage Your Content and Devices” / “Content” in your Amazon account and do it from there. Remember that these are “Docs” rather than “Books” in Amazon terms.

Matrix to list characters in order of appearance
Output the matrix as a CSV file
Provide links - version without may be preferred for printing
Add target= to links
Links will be to name.htm, eg. pericles.htm. For use if you have the play on your computer.
Default is to link to the play on this site. The two options in the “Open the text” box above are also applied to this option.
Use latest state
Use 2022 state pre 'momentous changes'
Use 1993 original state of Moby Shakespeare
This selection applies to all the above choices of action.
This version is the result of meticulous checking against recent reputable sources (RRS).
Other editions may spell Martius as Marcius and remember that this character becomes Coriolanus in 1.9
The First Folio (FF) consistently uses Citizen/s as character names. For some reason RRS calls them Citizens in Acts 1, 2 and 4 but calls them Plebeians in Act 3.
Likewise inconsistencies may be found between Senator and Patrician as character names.
At 2.3.257 "And Censorinus … chosen censor" appears in FF as "And nobly nam'd, so twice being censor" and may appear thus in some editions.
At 3.1.228-231 "weapons, weapons" to "peace, peace" other editions may have different ideas about who speaks these lines.
The speech at 3.1.384 "The service … before it was" is given to Menenius in some editions.
FF and RRS both give 3.2.29 "Ay, and burn too" to Volumnia but it has been seen given to A Patrician.
FF gives 4.1.41 "O the Gods!" to Coriolanus but RRS gives it to Virgilia.
At 5.2.21 FF has "For I have ever verified my friends" but RRS and other editions prefer "varnished" - and this essay even suggests "narrified" as an option.